Parasite & Heavy Metal Power Detox Bundle


Our Parasite Detox Capsules in combination with our Zeolite 100% Volcanic Mineral Powder Capsules is a potent and powerful detox combination. Together, this combination of herbs & volcanic mineral provide a deep internal cleanse & powerful detoxification. Our Parasite Detox Capsules are a potent blend of high quality Wormwood, Black Walnut & Cloves. These three herbs in combination together act as a powerful anti-parasitic & deworming agent. This herbal combination also acts as a colon cleanser. Zeolite is a volcanic mineral that has the power to profoundly transform your health. Mounting scientific evidence shows that zeolite can provide life-changing benefits to your health from detoxing heavy metals & parasites, alkalizing the body, supporting gut health & strengthening your immune system. Our Zeolite Clinoptilolite is 100% Natural Volcanic Mineral Powder. It is Activated Micronized Clinoptilolite 99% which is the Highest Purity of Zeolite available on the market. Ultra Fine Zeolite Nano Particles x Tribo-mechanical Activated. Everything in our capsules are vegan, organic, non-GMO, free of any additives, preservatives and gluten.

Parasite Detox Capsules

Ingredients: Wormwood, Black Walnut, Cloves

Wormwood: Used to Eliminate Intestinal Parasites from the Body. This Includes Pinworms, Roundworms and Tapeworms. This plant has also been used for centuries for medicinal purposes to reduce pain and swelling and to treat digestion problems, intestinal worms, and skin infections.

Black walnut: One of the key benefits of Black Walnut are their ability to expel various kinds of worms and parasites that live in the intestines. Often making an appearance in parasite cleanses. Black walnut contains high concentrations of chemicals called tannins, which can reduce pain and swelling and dry up body fluids such as mucous. People use black walnut to lower the risk of heart disease, treat skin wounds, and as a potent anti-parasitic / deworming agent.

Cloves: Cloves help to improve digestion and relieve gas and bloating. They also help to detoxify the body and boost the immune system. Cloves are a good source of antioxidants and can help protect against free radicals. Another impressive benefit of cloves is that they seem to aid the liver in detoxification thanks to the eugenol. Using cloves regularly helps to improve your overall health.

Other benefits include:

* Contains Antimicrobial and Anti-Fungal Properties

* Fight Against E.Coli

* Eliminate Symptoms of Crohn's Disease

* Supports Digestion

* Treats SIBO and Helps to Stimulate Menstruation

* Facilitates the Absorption of Nutrients in the Body

* Support Liver and Gallbladder Functions

* Strengthens the Immune System

Zeolite 100% Natural Volcanic Mineral Powder

Zeolite purifies & alkalizes water, enriches soil, and has been used to remove nuclear waste. This is why zeolite is one of the best volcanic minerals on the planet to efficiently detox the body, boost gut health, prevent free-radical damage, fight infections, and more. It is also known to:

  • Detox heavy metals, graphene oxide & parasites from the body
  • Support gut health
  • Provide antioxidants
  • Lower blood lipids
  • Protect the brain and the liver
  • Cleanse and protect the skin

Each Jar contains 60 Capsules equaling out to a total of 120 capsules (60 Parasite Detox Capsules & 60 Zeolite 100% Natural Volcanic Mineral Powder Capsules) for a one month supply of a 30 day power detox! 

Instructions for use: Take two Parasite Detox Capsules with one Zeolite Capsule in the morning on an empty stomach followed by one Zeolite Capsule at night a minimum of one hour after eating

Each Zeolite Capsule contains 1000mg of Zeolite 

Each Parasite Detox Capsule contains 300mg of Wormwood, 300mg of Black Walnut Hull & 300mg of Cloves

All of our herbal & volcanic mineral medicine is of the highest quality & ethically obtained straight from the Earth. All organic, non-GMO, no additives, made with Love & Intention