Deep Cleanse

Parasite & Heavy Metal Power Detox Bundle

Full Body Internal Detoxification

Activated Charcoal, Bentonite Clay, Zeolite & Chlorella

Full Spectrum Super Binder

Attracts and Removes Positively Charged Toxins, Heavy Metals & Other Impurities. Full Spectrum Binder for Body & Gut

Align & Decalcify

Pineal Decalcification & Energetic Detox

Potent & Powerful

brain rejuvenation, energy stimulation & Heart Health


Superior Well-Being

Revitalize Your Energy

Catuaba Bark Powder

Amazonian Medicinal Aphrodisiac

Heavy Metal Detox & Alkalinity

Zeolite Clinoptilolite
Heavy Metal & Parasite Detox
100% Natural Volcanic Mineral Powder

Activated Micronized Clinoptilolite 99% Highest Purity


Healing with Sananga

Energy Cleansing Eye Drops

Parasite Detox & Deworming

Parasite Detox Capsules

Reclaim Your Energy


Our mission is to provide sacred and powerful medicine to all beings that feel called to receiving these great gifts from Mother Earth. The Medicine Family is answering the collective calling for this sacred, highly transformative plant & herbal medicine. Our highest joy and greatest excitement is to stand with you in your healing journey as you step into Higher Self, let go of that which no longer serves your growth & fully embrace these higher dimensional energies in which we now have a greater access to and connection with. We work only with the highest quality plant & herbal medicines sourced directly from the indigenous communities to help support their land, tribes & ways of life. Everything we do, we do so with powerful intention to provide deep physical & spiritual healing. Our highest priority is that you feel the positive & loving intention we place in each product and every single order as we are all one Family.

* All of our capsulized, powered & resin plant medicine products are jarred in glass. Most companies store and deliver their products in plastic which can contain toxic chemicals and micro-plastics such as phthalates, BPA & PVC which may contribute to various health issues. Don't be fooled by a catchy label! We invest our resources into the quality of the medicine, not just a pretty presentation.

This is a family run business of three. All products are handmade & hand packaged with love and intention by Dave, Callie & our daughter Adalynn. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality & most effective plant medicine accessible by Mother Earth. We live to serve quality healing tools to all and aid in creating generations of wellness.

Verified Purchases
Verified Purchases
Great product. Did the trick, had a bio resonance session and no gritters showed up. Feel good, more energy, will buy again
— Susannah
Verified Purchases
I love this company
— Aydee R.
Verified Purchases
Best, most effective detox I have ever used. I have been detoxing on and off for years. I followed the instructions given with the packages and I was pleasantly surprised with the results. I definitely feel cleansed. Highly recommended.
— @the.consciousness.doc
Verified Purchases
Powerhouse of detox. I feel lighter, better and brighter overall after 30 days of these capsules. After the first three weeks there were small visible worms that came out in my stool. Thankful for this cleanse and still taking these daily.
— Jessica W.
Verified Purchases
You can feel the quality. I noticeably feel clearer and lighter. The purity is on point.
— Xander S.
Verified Purchases
Excelent products...It is what it is described as.
— James D.
Verified Purchases
Seem like great people trying to do positive in the world.
— @jcv01
Verified Purchases
I meditated and this helped me have a deeper connection and is currently aiding me in awakening to higher frequencies of love.
— @e.d.n.a.a.t.g.c
Verified Purchases
I have never experienced such heightened intuition and noticeable increased connection with my inner being. This stuff is the real deal.
— @cryptoshark11
Verified Purchases
Great item, definitely has spiritual and physical healing power.
— @sprtan121
Verified Purchases
Thank you for a wonderful service all around
— @theroseyelliott
Verified Purchases
Best money can buy!!!
— Daron